This page will list and provide additional information on any projects I am currently planning.

Virtual Network

  • Construct an AD network backed by 2003 server with 2008 R2 as the secondary domain controller. Use this to practice promoting the 2008 R2 DC to primary and check for any issues that may arise. Mimics work environment to test for any pitfalls.
  • After previous, promote a 2012 R2 server as the primary DC.
  • Set up a full up-to-date (2012 R2 servers, at this time) network environment
  • DSC and Powershell testing


  • "Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 3D" - book
  • Further web dev study - JS, JQuery, Ruby, working with databases
  • Powershell books - Month of Lunches, Toolmaking